Sony to unveil the Xperia Z1S,Tianchi on November 12


If rumours are to be believed then Sony to unveil the Xperia Z1S,Tianchi on November 12


So, the Tianchi first. It’s rumoured to come at a wallet-friendly price, but to pack in a ridiculous eight-core processor, the likes of which are usually reserved for high-end handsets. So how will Sony keep the price down? It’s apparently opting for MediaTek over Qualcomm for the processor, and MediaTek charges a lot less. Its 2GHz MT6592 is expected to be inside, which it describes as its first “true octa-core” chip. It lets all eight Cortex-A7 cores to be used at the same time, so should chomp through whatever tasks you can throw at it.The Tianchi is also rumoured to have a 6-inch screen with a 1,280×720-pixel resolution.


Now, the Xperia Z1S. It’s rumoured to have 4.3″  a shrunken down version of the flagship Xperia Z1, keeps almost the same powerful guts as Sony’s flagship Z1 – the same powerful Snapdragon 800 system chip, the impressive 20-megapixel camera with a larger than usual 1/2.3” camera sensor and the same sleek water and dust resistant body.Since it is smaller, the Xperia Z1S had to change a bit. The smaller size mandated a lower screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, down from 1080 x 1920 on the Z1. Still, that works out to the very sharp pixel density of 340ppi.

The event on 12 November is rumoured to be held in Shanghai, so both of these handsets could be exclusive to China.


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